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List of VRML/X3D browsers to try:

the following also work with .X3D files:

The one I heartily recommend the most is InstantPlayer. Because this program doesn't work inside a web browser on a Mac, I found this method to work: 1) In Safari, Ctrl-click on a VRML link and select "Copy Link" from the context menu. 2) In Instant Player, select "File -> Open Location", paste the url into the window, and Open. Instructions will vary on other web browsers and other operating systems. Known bugs are: 1) Unpredictable twisting on extrusions with curved spines. 2) Geometries disappearing unpredictably if directional lights are used inside local transforms. 3) activating a viewpoint inside a local transform in WALK mode causes bizarre behavior such as the viewpoint going way up high.

Octaga browser. Known bugs in the Mac version are: 1) The program crashes if you try to click on an anchor node. 2) The directional light doesn't work at the root level. This is solved by using a global group node.

FreeWRL browser. Known bugs are: 2) badly distorted extrusions. 3) no collision or gravity.

I'm still awaiting a VRML/X3D browser that displays 3d worlds as nicely as Safari does web pages, and continues to support the Mac. I still haven't found any browsers that can be used inside the Safari browser on a current version of Mac OSX.

a good VRML tutorial site is:

The Annotated VRML 97 Reference

Here are some files to look at. If your web browser doesn't display VRML, it might download the files instead. You'll have to download the textures separately:

Astrated cuboctrahedron.
Astrated octrahedron.
A walk through an extruded tunnel.
A little country village demonstrating various VRML elements.
The sphere ship visits Marble Island.

VRML is giving way to a more advanced format called X3D, which is covered at

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