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Right now all the information for this game is on one page since I have collected less information than I did for SM64. This is not a strategy guide for completing the game, of which there are many on the internet, but some tricks and secrets that should give the game some replay value. It is advisable that you collect all 96 exits before you proceed with these tricks. None of the tricks require a Game Genie or any other accessory hardware.

Billy's Mario World Secrets

Shell Reset. After Yoshi holds an item in his mouth for too long he will swallow it. To prevent this, periodically stop and hit X to put the item down. Then hit X again to pick it back up. Duck while putting a Koopa shell down and it will not slide away.

Turbo Yoshi. You can make Yoshi fly extra fast. Use X to pick up the blue Koopa shell and keep holding X as you fly.

Special Music Surprise. Leave the screen on the Special Zone map for a while, and you will hear the classic Mario music.

Blue Shell Special. After you beat Special Zone go on to the main map and you will see a new color scheme and some enemies that look different. Most important is that some of the red Koopas are now blue.

Exit Glitch. Bring Yoshi and a feather into Donut Secret 2. Go to where there is a yellow Koopa near the end of the course. Eat the Spiked Tops nearby to get them out of the way. Now pick up the Koopa and use the feather to fly over the long pipe above. Descend and when you can see the goal tape, spit out the shell toward the left. It will have turned into a garble of changing items. The exit tape is also gone, and you can walk through the exit without activating it. Fly to the left a little and back to restore the tape.

Through the Thick Wall. In Vanilla Dome 1, you can fly directly between the first and third rooms by going through a wall. Bring Yoshi and a feather into the course. Follow the path below the rotating blocks. Eat the three buzzy beetles to get them out of the way. Go back and pick up one of the blue koopa shells. Bring it to the island between the two pits at the end of the room and reset the shell. Then fly Yoshi down into the rightmost pit and just as you are about to drop out of sight, go through the the right wall and fly quickly to the right. You will be going through a really thick wall. Eventually you will reach the third room. Fly up through the floor near the entrance pipe and land. You are now in the third room, with Yoshi.

You can also go from the third room back to the first one in the same manner - a return which cannot be made using the regular route. Face Yoshi left toward the pit at the beginning of the third room, with the blue shell in front of him. Now pick it up and fly back to the first room using the above method.

You can also fly Yoshi up off the screen and land on top of the ceiling. Fly into the wall from either room as described above, but instead of flying across, go straight up and then over the room. Remember to reset the shell periodically so you can fly back down and reenter the rooms, and there you'll have Mario and Yoshi, back from the netherworld unscathed.

Through the Floor. In Vanilla Dome 1, third room, look for the floating islands with the Spiked Tops crawling on them. Kill them off, then jump up in a crouched position so Mario fits into the small space above the island. Do a series of spin jumps near the middle, and Mario may drop down so his legs are inside the floor. Jump up onto the floor with Mario standing upright and he will move slowly to the left.

Blue Shell Tour. To do this, you must have the "strange new world" so that more Koopas are blue. In Vanilla Dome 3, go pick up Yoshi and eat the blue shell under him. Now you can take off in either direction, stopping periodically to reset the shell. Try to make it to the beginning and to the end. You may find some secret places that you haven't found up to this point!

Tunnel of Fire. In Vanilla Dome 3, you can use Yoshi and a blue shell to fly under the lava. Look for any bottomless pit that has a wall of lava on one side. Fly into the hole and then under the lava. You can hear your head bumping along underneath as you move. If you try to fly under the high lava portion, however, you will die. This is a mystery I have yet to solve.

Secret Terrarium. If you fly up near the end of the Vanilla Dome 3, you fill find a secret area with Munchers and a power switch to open a secret stairway down to the goal.

Gray Coin 1-Up Factory. In Vanilla Secret 2, look for a pit with Spineys and hit the farthest rotating block you can reach above the pit. A grey switch will appear. Bring it left until you reach the field with the bouncing Koopas. Step on it and they will turn into coins. Run left and pick up as many coins as you can to get a ton of 1-ups.

1-Up Mushroom Hunt In the Woods. In Forest of Illusion 1, break the middle marker tape and exit. Save the game in the haunted house to the left. Then the course will start in the middle when you enter it. You almost immediately come to a "cycling" block. Hit it just as it switches to a feather, and it should hit you when it turns to a star. Then go to the right and kill as many enemies as you can. The 1-ups will soar.

Fiery Detour. In the Forest Fortress, when you find the red iron door leading to the castle boss, take the overhead tunnel past the door. If you have the feather, you can fly over a sea of lava that just goes on and on. This requires the ability to hold your altitude consistantly without any misdips to avoid the fireballs. At the end is a whole bunch of 1-up blocks and another iron door.

Strange Death. Go to Chocolate Island 4 as small Mario. Walk left to the top of the slope. face left and jump up. If you hit the protruding corner of the ceiling just right, you will die.

Pregnant Pause. If you do the Sunken Ghost Ship a second time, the main map music won't be playing after you get out. You can restore the music by going any place that changes the music.

No Pets. Evidently there are no Yoshis available in Bowser Valley. Go back to Chocolate Island 4 where there is an easy Yoshi available from the last regular course. That's fortunate because it is a real easy course if you got all your colored blocks.

Wall of Death. In the Valley Ghost House, first room, take off flying from the left side, and head to the right. If you get enough altitude, you can fly over the top of the right boundary wall. Then you will fly into the void to the right and fall away.

What Have I Missed? It has been a common problem for people to get close to 96 exits in the game and wonder what they missed. For this I will give you some clues pertaining to the most commonly missed ones. But first, remember that all red dot courses have two exits. Second, every ghost house, except for Vanilla Ghost House and Choco-Ghost House, has two exits, including one that doesn't even have "ghost" in its name. Now here are the clue questions:

If you answered any of these questions with "no" or "I don't know what you're talking about", tell me which and I believe I can help you from there.

Billy Wants More Mario World Secrets

No Pets. Has anyone found a secret for bringing Yoshi into a castle or a ghost house?

One More Time. I sure wish I could find a way to replay the switch palace courses.

Uncharted Islands. On the main map there is a vacant island at the top of the screen and two to the right of Chocolate Island 1. Is there a way to open up a secret route leading to these? Maybe the Choco Ghost House has an undocumented second exit?!

Water Too Cold? Mario crosses a small pond on the way to the Yellow Switch Palace. Is there a way to get him to stop there and enter a secret course?

A Tale of Two Reznors? Someone at thinks he remembers a secret course appearing right above the Forest Fortress. Although I am a sceptic, anyone who finds it can email me with a description of how to open it.

Vacancy In the Woods. There is an intersection in the Forest of Illusion where it looks like there should be a course but there isn't. Does anyone know if there is a secret to getting one to appear there, such as a third goal in a nearby course? Or perhaps the course is included in a beta release?

Exit Glitch. Are there any more exits with the "disappearing tape" glitch like the one in Donut Secret 2?

Play Demo. Someone says that somehow by mistake he was able to play the demo game that appears when you turn the power on. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Does it involve plugging in two controllers and using the second one? A similar trick lets you control the camera in Super Mario 64's ending sequence.

Have you noticed: All the course music is a variation of the same theme, including the ghost hice. The traditional Mario cave music is never used, although it is brought back in Mario 64.

Just a little diary entry: One night I came home feeling really green from a cigar. I went to bed feeling dizzy and nauseous. I went into one of those sick dreams that I was working diligently on creating a MIDI file of the introductory music to Mario World (the one that opens like Captain Kangaroo). An obvious reflection on the time I had been spending on the game.

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