Billy's Mario 64 Secrets

Outside the Castle
Inside the Castle
Bob-Omb's Battlefield
Whomp's Fortress
Jolly Roger Bay
Cool Cool Mountain
Big Boo's Haunt
Hazy Maze Cave
Lethal Lava Land
Shifting Sand Land
Dire, Dire Docks
Snowman's Land
Wet-Dry World
Tall, Tall Mountain
Tiny-Huge Island
Tick Tock Clock
Rainbow Ride
Bowser in the Darkworld
Bowser in the Firesea
Bowser in the Sky
Princess's Secret Slide
Tower of the Wingcap
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Here is my list of challenges, secrets and glitches. Included are some puzzles and tricks for you to try and figure out. Those who haven't cited a source are based on more than one source. The secrets are color keyed according to four types:
Points of interest. Observations and secrets that are curious or worthy of note, e.g. cleverly-hidden 1-ups.
Challenges. Some trick requiring skill, e.g. flying an obstacle course.
Visual glitches. Strange or glitched views or camera behavior, e.g. seeing through walls.
Physical glitches. Glitches and accidents affecting game play, e.g. walking through walls.
Just to clarify terms, a glitch implies any game action or view plainly not intended by the programmer. It may be caused by a programming bug, overlooked side effects, or a defect or omission in the world construction. Something intentionally programmed is simply called a secret or trick. Note: To make it more fun, as you read an entry see how much you can figure out of the trick before reading the instructions.

Outside the Castle

Yoshi Reunion

When you walk out of the castle for the first time with your just-achieved 120 stars, you may be curious about those footsteps which you can now hear. Go further out and, surprise, you can also see that the grating by the fish pond is now gone. What is that? Why, a cannon. It sounds like maybe someone is waiting to meet Mario. So you get in the cannon, and it’s aimed for the castle - the roof to be exact. You mean it’s accessible? I always wanted to get up there. And who would be pacing around up there waiting to meet Mario but Yoshi himself. Talk to him for a tearful reunion, a hundred lives, a glittery triple jump, and a really fat penguin that wants to race you again. Plus, you get that notorious Yoshi typo, "Mario, it that really you?", and one nagging question: what are you gonna do with 100 lives after collecting every star in the game? Well my attempt is to provide for that right here, to take seriously Yoshi’s message that the game may be over but the fun isn’t.


Walk from the drained moat into the fish pond. To your left is a nearly-vertical cliff that you can walk up and down.

Ghost Castle

Go to the back of the castle roof. What do you see? A bird’s eye view of the courtyard fountain? I don’t think so. All you see is the ocean. It looks like you can just do a long jump and fall into the wild blue. But instead you’ll hit an invisible wall. Stand with your back to the invisible wall near the waterfall end. Switch to Mario camera. When you look under the roof from the back you can see through the entire castle. Note how you can see the famous black room. A couple of them actually.

Top of the World

You can go all the way to the top of the tower steeple. Pick up the wing cap, run around to the front of the tower and stand on the highest part of the slope with your back right against the tower. Do a triple jump and take off flying, turn around, and come back and land on the roof ledge half way up the tower. Here you will find that the left side of the tower (facing the falls) can be walked up. If you can learn to do all this in a short time, you will still have flying time left over. Take off from the tip of the steeple and fly around the castle estate and get a bird’s eye view of the castle courtyard you have grown to love. Go examine the waterfall. The water just gushes right out of nowhere. (Actually you can go further upstream of this waterfall, but not from here. Everyone who’s finished the game knows)

See if you can make it to the pinnacle without a wing cap. Figuring out how to do it shouldn’t be that hard. But actually doing it is.

Beach Run

Do the speed jump on the steepest part of the beach next to the cannon. Sometimes Mario will get thrown clear across the stage. If I do the jump well to the right, near the tree, I might get thrown through the moat and then halfway up the waterfall! Experiment with going in different directions.

Walk on Air

Enter a course and set the camera to Lakitu <> Stop mode. Then exit and go into the moat. Stand with your back against the wall to the right of the entrance to the fish pond. Zoom up to look-around wall so Lakitu goes inside the wall. Hold R to freeze the camera, and bring Mario into the water, up onto the beach, then onto the ground overhead. Mario will seem to be walking on air. You can also see in the distance a bunch of floating trees.

Walk On Water

You can get a screenshot of Mario standing on the fish pond. Stand on the right end of the beach where the sand, dirt hill, and the water intersect. With Lakitu camera, zoom up with C, then back out to mid zoom again. Lakitu should now be under ground, and Mario seems to stand on the water.

To make Mario walk on the water, enter a course to activate Lakitu<>Stop mode, then do the above trick. Now hold R to stop the camera. Then walk right along the edge of the water. If you follow the right path, Mario will seem to be walking across the water, even splashing a little water with his feet as he goes.

Secret Jump to the Roof

Many of you probably have been walking around the castle throughout the game to see if there is some way to strategically get on the castle roof, maybe even before you knew about the cannon. Well such a jump has been found. Cross the wooden bridge near the fish pond and go to the steep grass cliff just to the right of the castle. Walk toward the right and turn facing the castle along the cliff. Do a triple jump so that landing #1 is right by the last crease at the bottom of the cliff where the vertical part of the grass wall begins. Landing #2 should be around a third to a half way up the hill. Landing #3 should be at or near the top of the hill close to the castle. When landing from the third jump do a quick turn to the left to make sure you will slide on your butt, not your stomach. As you start to slide, do a good jump to the left and grab onto the edge of the roof.

Ghost Lakitu

Start a new game. Walk up to the moat bridge, but don't step on it. Screw up your eyes and look carefully at the door. Notice anything strange? Well, anyway, let's go and have a closer look. Go straight to the hill on the right side and jump on top of the castle. Walk to the tip of the gable above the front entrance. Stand facing the castle and jump backwards off the edge. Then just as you clear the overhang, hook inward and hit B so you land in front of the door without touching the bridge. There's Lakitu, floating perfectly still in front of the door. You can walk right through him and go in the door. If you step onto the bridge, he will disappear and reappear from another direction on his cloud.

Wing Cap Vertigo

Pick up the wing cap from the roof, then return to the ground and while the cap is still active do the triple jump for getting on the roof. If you do it right, after you land from the third jump hold A as Mario floats back to the ground, and Mario will walk, but the camera controls will behave as if he were flying. Push C-up and watch Mario walk from overhead. Push C-left or right and watch him walk from the side. To restore normal camera operation, enter the water.

Killer Corner

Go to the back right corner of the castle roof, where the edge of the roof meets the world boundary. Step slowly off the edge while cutting as close to the world boundry as possible. Then fall until you are hanging off the edge. Then pull yourself back up. Just as you regain standing position, your hat disappears and you die. The prevailing guess is that part of Mario’s body is forced out of bounds by the standing process and somehow this cues the death event.

Fish-Eye View

Enter a course to switch to Lakitu<>Stop mode. Then go stand ankle-deep in the water on the left end of the beach where it meets the cliff. Zoom up to look-around mode. Push the stick down so Lakitu goes under water and looks up. Switch to stop cam and walk through the drained moat toward the waterfall. You can see the castle from under a vast lake.

Black Room of Death

Super Mario 64 seems to have a minus-world of its own. Although I happened upon it myself, it is actually a famous glitch. It might be a bug in the program, or maybe was programmed in on purpose just to be a curiosity. Fly up to the roof ledge half-way up the tower as mentioned above. Try to walk up the front side of the tower this time. If you bump into the wall at the right spot, you will walk right through the wall, fall through the castle and land in a dark room that is all glitched up. You check and realise you landed next to the front door. Problem is, you're on the wrong side of it. Normally, you enter this dark room for a brief moment when you open the door to go inside. However, since you got here without opening the door, no warp occurs and you get stuck behind the door. From here you can see through the wall to the outside. You can enter the castle through the door, but then you will be trapped in the black area behind the inside door. Your peculiar fall seems to have caused a reversal of door polarity here. See if you can restore yourself to the normal state without resetting the game.

Inside the Castle

Uncharted Galaxies

(Noticed by YoshiRider2006) The galaxy painting on the foyer ceiling will put you in Tower of the Wingcap just by looking at it. There are two other courses that are entered by galaxy paintings. Do you know which ones????

One Way in the Basement

Look for a slippery ramp with a glass barrier strategically placed just above the foot of it so as to prevent going up it. But this arrangement turned out not to be infallible: Just run toward the ramp, and after you get under the glass jump, immediately press B. With careful timing you should reach the top.

It Is Decreed that One Shall Touch the Corners

If you go to the bottom of the tunnel leading from the basement out to the moat, and touch all four corners of the flat bottom of the channel. You will get a 1-up. If the moat is drained, you will hear a spooky slamming sound.

Foyer Camera Trick

With a clever trick you can get a distant Mario cam view in the foyer. Can you figure it out?

Man-Eating Wall

Go in the basement where the Toad is standing at the dead end. Stand with your back to the pillar behind Toad and face the flame to the right. Jump and hook backward toward the pillar, hitting B to kick. If you're lucky, you will land inside the pillar.

Shy Big Boo

Upon entering the castle, go to the room leading to Cool, Cool Mountain and walk along the right wall and the right painting. Then go into the hallway leading to the courtyard. Big Boo should have his back turned.

Boo in the Darkworld

Go into the hallway leading to the courtyard and make Big Boo go through the door. Then go to the room leading to Cool, Cool Mountain and walk along the right wall and the right painting. Go back into the hallway, switch to look around mode and look through the wall so you can see behind the door leading to the courtyard. You should see Big Boo floating in the darkness.

Clouds of Evidence

(discovered by YoshiRider2006) The presence of a clever game secret is revealed by the dust Mario raises. While running up the endless stairs, jump repeatedly. You will eventually see the cloud of dust from Mario's feet appear sometimes behind him and sometimes in front of him! This reveals the tiny warp that teleports him down a few steps when he passes it.

Constellation of Doors

Go into the door leading up the spiral stairs and out again. Go up to the Jolly Roger Bay anteroom and into the black hole where the 1-up is. Stand facing the right side of the back wall. Zoom up to look-around mode and look leftward in the direction of the foyer. I haven't seen so many doors since Monsters Inc! Look also for other objects in the foyer.

Balls of Fur in the Darkworld

Now I know where the "easter eggs" are coming from. Right after you get your 15th or 50th star, take the door into the basement. Turn right and look for a gray pillar in the corner. Stand with your face against the pillar, facing in the direction parallel to the stairs. Zoom up to look-around mode and look into the darkness through the left wall. You should see the bunny rabbit standing amidst the darkness doing his repeated nod and bow.

The F Files

In the Cool, Cool Mountain anteroom, stand facing into the corner between the two left paintings. Switch to look-around mode, and move your camera into the wall to your right so you can see into the darkness behind painting to your left. You should spot a big red 3d “F” in the darkness behind the left painting. Do you know how it got there?

Reading the Stars

(discovered by Josiah P Version 2 at Gamefaqs) It looks like numeric codes may be hidden in the game. In the stars and clouds painting at the foot of the stairs to the 50-star door, look at the pattern of dim and bright stars. If you take the first fifteen, and convert them respectively into dots and dashes, you get ..-..--...-..--, which in Morse code reads "in an elm". Do you suppose this could refer to the location of the clock just up the stairs?

Phantom Triangle

Enter the hallway to the courtyard. With your back turned to Big Boo, Switch to Mario camera and zoom out. Come up close to the door on the left, and you see a green triangle appear on the ceiling above the basement stairs.

A Light in the Night

Enter the door leading to Tiny-Huge Island. Turn around and face the door. Stand in the corner just to the right of the door. Swich to look-around mode and move your camera into the right wall so you can see into the darkness on the other side of the door. You should see a speck of bright light in the distance. Do you know what that is?

A Good Reflection on You

Stand with your back right against the mirror. Switch to look around mode and back the camera up so that you are looking at Mario from inside the mirror. You can see parts of Mario’s reflection as the camera moves through it. The only anomaly is that Lakitu's reflection doesn't come out of the mirror when Lakitu goes in it.

View From the Mirror

Go to the pillar at the left edge of the mirror. Stand with your left arm against the wall to the left of it, and your face right against the pillar. Using Lakitu camera, zoom in to look-around mode, and move into the wall as far as you can go. Then zoom back out. If you did this right, Lakitu should move way back into the mirror, and look back at Mario’s reflection from behind. Lakitu seems to realize right away that he isn’t supposed to be here, and goes back into the wall and swivels back to the “real” room. For the brief period, it can seem like you are controlling Mario’s reflection, albeit with the motions reversed. If you wiggle him around right, you can slightly prolong the amount of time Lakitu stays behind the mirror.

Stairway Shortcut

Enter the door leading upstairs. Then stand facing into the left wall just near the top of the inclined portion of the tiled floor just before the stairs begin. Do a good double-jump, and you go through the ceiling to the top of the stairs. You don’t suppose there are other polygon glitches like this, which can take Mario where he shouldn’t even be...

Beat the Game with 50 Stars

You can give Bowser In the Sky a surprise visit with as little as 50 stars: If you speed jump up the “endless stairs” fast enough, you can circumvent them. The eerie music will continue to play after you reach the top, even if you enter the course and get thrown back out.

If you walk back down the stairs, about halfway down you will see the bottom suddenly jump closer. This is caused by a mini-warp in the middle that teleports Mario down a few steps when he passes it. On the way up, this keeps resetting his position so he can’t pass the warp point. But the speed jump is fast enough to circumvent this.

Beat the game with 31 Stars

Use the speed jump to get up the stairs leading to the 50-star door. If you're fast enough, you will go through the door and into the clock room. You will also notice that you can't get back out through the door because it requires 50 stars, either way. From there follow the directions for beating the game with 50 stars.

Behind the Times

Do the speed jump to get through the 50-star door. If you go fast enough and straight enough, you can land inside the clock's pendulum case. Inside you will find two things: the pendulum goes right through you. You can also go through the wall in back to a small hidden area.

Into the Fish Tanks

(discovered by Dom Dunc) It looks like there's something really fishy going on with the windows in the Jolly Roger Bay anteroom. Go to the window to the left of the painting. Do the speed jump into the left edge of the window. If you have the right angle and timing, you will go behind the glass. There's no real water in there, so you will be walking around, with bubbles and fishies going right through you.1

New Improved Rabbit Glitch

(discovered by Neo Ninja at Gamefaqs) For those of you who remember the classic rabbit glitch that lets you bring MIPS through doors, the jump-turn required to "merge" with the door is nearly impossible to reliably execute. Well an easier method has been found. After you get the rabbit, go to one of the wooden doors. Hold him and walk into the right edge of the door. Let go for half a second and hit Z. If you time it right, Mario should put MIPS down and merge with the door. Hit Z again to crawl and turn around to face MIPS, then stand. Now try to pick him up - this may be the hardest part of the whole trick. Once you have him, put him down on the other side of the door and go through yourself. Now let's have some fun with that waskly wabbit.

Well It turns out that the little rabbit in the basement can help you get into some bizarre areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Beat the Game with 16 stars!

(discovered by Dom Dunc) You read correctly, Sixteen stars! First, when you get 15 stars do the New Improved Rabbit Glitch. Then use MIPS to merge with the 30-star door the same way. Punch the right door jam at a slight forward angle and you should get pushed behind the door. Go get the Board Bowser's Sub star and the key from Bowser in the Fire Sea. You now have your 16 stars and the key to the upstairs. But wait. Now you're told you need 30 stars to get back out! That's okay. Go into either of the two courses and exit to the main lobby (or if you want to be more episodic, go into Dire, Dire Docks and get sucked out through the black hole). Go upstairs and follow the method for beating the game with 31 stars.

Fake Stairs

(discovered by Dom Dunc) Another pair of rooms that act just like the "black room of death". Using the New Improved Rabbit Glitch, use MIPS to merge with the door with the keyhole. Now punch the right door jam at a slight forward angle and you should get pushed behind the door. Once you're there, try to run up the stairs. You can't. This room, stairs and all, are fake! You're merely trapped behind the doorway, but you never actually left the basement. Now go through the door. You will now be in a black room with a tile floor. Now you are trapped behind the door at the bottom of the "real" stairs leading to the basement. From here you can see into the hall where Big Boo is. Push through the wall beside the door to get back out.

Glass Bottom Room

(discovered by Dom Dunc) Another pair of rooms that act just like the "black room of death". And this one includes an invisible barrier that Mario can stand on. Use the New Improved Rabbit Glitch to bring MIPS into the room with the pool leading out to the moat. If it is still flooded you can swim with MIPS. If you put him directly in front of the iron door at the end, you can't pick him up because the door pushes you away. Drain the water. Now use MIPS to merge with the iron door. Punch the right door jam at a slight forward angle and you should get pushed behind the door. There you will be standing on an invisible floor through which you can see the blue water area below. You are now trapped behind the door exiting to the moat, but you are still inside. Now go through the door and you will be in that "second black room of death" behind the door in the moat. It would be good to have stop cam enabled when you go here because the camera insistantly tries to sneak out through the wall. Wow, so you really can get in here. And to think it is all because of a rabbit! 1

Bob-Omb Battlefield

One-Man Air Show

Pick up a wing cap and shoot from the cannon on the floating island. Now try to fly through the big gate leading to the mountain, and continue the flight. Now try the same thing flying under the bridge with the row of coins under it. Flying through the tunnel under the big gate (the tunnel gate has to already be open). Increase the difficulty level by diving through them from higher up.

Box In a Box

Pick up the little cork box near the start. Put it on the top center of one of the two bigger boxes nearby (there are two). Begin to walk away. The little box will fall through to the inside of the big box. Now break the big box, and you will reveal the small box inside it.

Through the Bridge

Go under the first bridge next to the red switch block. Grab the bottom of the bridge and walk it toward the lower end. Let go and you pop up through the bridge.

Storming The Gates

You can pop through the gate in the quarry. Go stand so Mario is pushing against the stone wall just to the left of the closed gate across the rolling boulder pit. Move slowly to the right as you push so his hands are flat against the wall at about waist level. If you time it exactly right, as Mario reaches the gate he will go through it.

Dummy Mario

Go to the top of the mountain where the big boss is. Stand close to him, but not enough to make him talk. Walk slowly away so you can see Mario's profile as the camera slowly gets further away. Now screw up your eyes and keep a close eye on Mario as he walks, and you will see him change appearance. He will have a bigger moustache and no sideburns. If you stop, he will resume normal appearance. What you are seeing is an alternate "low-polygon" Mario, used to render him when he is far away.

Spying the Waterballs

Switch to Stop Cam near the start point and bring Mario to the field where the large cannon hill is. From this distance you can see the waterballs appear in the air out of nowhere just before falling to the ground.

Crevasse of Death

Pick up the cork box and bring it to the mountain. Go into the narrow crevasse just beyond the pit where the 2-3 rolling boulders are. Put the box down next to the right wall. Jump backwards into the small space between the box and the wall. If you time it right, Mario will die instantly, just like he does in the rather well-known Killer Corner glitch. My original intent in doing this was to get inside the mountain through the sloped wall. Evidently it works; problem is, that area is considered "out of bounds" and so Mario ends up dying.

Endless Battle Music

Pick up the Bob-Omb king and take him to where the dirt path begins. Throw him off the edge and immediatly jump off after him. If you did this right, the battle music will keep playing, even if you go back to the start.

Whomp’s Fortress

Boxing for Life

Go look at the wall around the bottom of the lookout tower. On one side, if you screw up your eyes and look really close you can barely see light shining through a crack. Punch that wall, and what do you know, a hole appears revealing a... Well, I didn’t even know that 1-ups glow.


This graphic anomaly has been fodder in the great Luigi hoax. Go to the top of the lookout tower. If you look down the right way you will see that the “blast-away” wall is missing, revealing the star under it. Unfortunately, if you attempt to jump down to it the wall will reappear before you land and cover the star again.

Through the Whomp

Get in front of one of the mini-whomps just below the top of the mountain. Let him fall on you. But just as he is about a 45 degree angle, jump into him at a perpendicular angle. If you do it right, you will go through him. Nintendo has announced that this is intentional, so I didn't give it a glitch color.

Whomp's Wall Kick of Fright

Go to the far end of the long narrow area to where the flower bed is. Try to jump off the end and wall kick your way up the crevasse to the trapdoor above.

Bottom of the World

This bizarre dying trick, which can also be done in Rainbow Ride, can be done more easily right here. Get 99 coins. Then pick up the cork box next to the flower bed with the circle of coins. Take it up past the stones that move in and out of the wall, taking care not to touch any coins. Stop at the first trapdoor that opens and closes. Stand at the outer corner near the trapdoor facing at an angle toward the wall right above the trapdoor. Wait for it to open. Just as it it about to close, release the box and try to pick up a coin on top of the closed trapdoor, then get back off. The 100-coin star should appear on top of the trapdoor. Jump and pick up the star when the trapdoor is open and there is nothing below the star. If you do this right, Mario will fall to the bottom of the course and stand in midair giving his V sign. After the text box closes, Mario will stand there screaming and then die.

Washing at the Whomp

(relayed by David Wonn) You probably never thought you’d see Mario swimming in Whomp’s Fortress, but now it can be done. Pick up the cork block down by the blue coin switch and bring it past the circle of coins in the water to the steep brown wall to the left of the gray ramp. Put the box down right next to the wall. Now jump backwards into the space between the box and the wall. If you do this right, Mario will be pushed through the wall and into the water inside the mountain. Once you are in you will find two areas inside where you can swim around. You can also dive down and swim around anywhere under the entire water area, giving you a spectacular view of the mountain from below. An alternative method, which is the original one, is to run into the gray ramp as you release the the box. The box should go through the wall, and if you did this right, so will you. If you go through too fast, you will go all the way through the ramp and fall out of the course. But if you pull back on the stick at once when you get through, you will land in a small channel of water inside the ramp. From here dive down. Take care not to swim outside the water edge or you will fall out of the course. If you swim too deep you will also die immediately. You can easly swim back out to the regular area by going back through the wall. And if you are good, you can also swim out through the wall and land next to the starting point.

Whomp's Water Warp

Go stand in the corner just behind the owl's tree with your back to the wall but facing diagonally toward the fence. Move the camera directly in front of Mario. Jump off the cliff toward the camera, and then quickly hook backward away from the camera so Mario moves under the mountain. If you get under in time, you will hear a splash and Mario will reappear from above and fall back down to the starting point!

Jolly Roger Bay

I Can See Clearly Now

Did you notice: Once the first star is collected the fog disappears.

Though the Rocks

(discovered by Dom Dunc) Look underwater for any cliff-mounted boulders with a down-facing surface that intersects a slope with an up-facing surface. Swim against the rock where the two intersect and mess with the angles. Eventually you will shoot inside the rock.

Mario Gots My Preciousssss

(simplified by Walton Dell) Pick the first star so the ship is under water. Go in it and open the treasure chests. After the water drains, move around a bit and you should notice a little ring of light suspended in the air between the slope and the chests. Some people who have seen this think the ring is moving or rising. I believe it is fixed in space, and the apparent motion is caused by seeing it at different angles as you move around it. Some people think this can only bee seen by running around the chests and butt-stomping one of them. This could be because they were following one of the Luigi codes that tell you to do that. No hat appeared with an L on it, but they did see the ring.

Cool Cool Mountain

Spindrifts Will Work

Here is an alternate way to get to the Wall Kicks Will Work star. Jump on the spindrift on the wooden platform behind the shed at the start. Immediately cross the beginning of the slide and head over the cliff. If you maneuver right, you can land on the star. Take care not to hit the icicles overhead or you will bounce away and not be able to reach the ledge without walljumps.

Penguin See Penguin Do

Take one of the baby penguins onto a large flat area. Then do a belly-dive next to him. He will do a belly dive too. Cuteness overload. It's even more cute if you get both baby penquins together.

Shortcut of Death

If you aim your jump right, you can do a long jump off the right side of the slide right where it begins and land on the slide right before it enters the tunnel.

Vanishing Penguin

Go stand next to mother penguin so you are facing through her toward the far end of the field. Stop the camera and then run Mario to the other end. The penguin should disappear right in front of the camera.

Startle the Snowmen

(Discovered by Smithkakarot at Gamefaqs) Using the cannon near the foot of the gondola, shoot up to the very middle of the bridge with the two snowmen. You will come up through the bridge and be standing on it. You can also come up through the solid bridge that connects to it.

Between a Penguin and her Cub

A most dangerous place to be! (discovered by Dom Dunc) Bring the penguin's baby to her. After she gives you the star, pick up her baby so she follows you. Get her to stop close to the hut so Mario cannot walk behind her. Now you can put down her baby. Now do a kick jump and try to land between her and the wall. If you are lucky, you will be pushed into the wall. But you can hear Mario falling away to his death. This is evidence that the "wooden room of death" has a fall-through floor.

Fake Backdrop

Go down the penguin slide to the room at the bottom. Look through the window to the outside. You can see what looks like the outside. But stand with your back to the wall to the right of the door and switch to look-around mode so you can see behind the wall. You will see that what is visible through the window is not the real outside but a flat wall with an outdoor mural. Go out the door and look in the window. You will find the same thing true about the indoor image you see there.

Ghost Mountain

First, it would be helpful here to know your 1-ups because this requires you to die. Go down to the field where the snowman gives you a star. Use Lakitu camera. Run and jump on top of the Spindrift. Then spin over the edge and let yourself slowly descend down the side of the mountain to the left. Turn and go under the gondola. Switch to Mario camera just before you drift under the striped slope. For a moment you will look up and see through the entire mountain.

Cool, Cool Water

Oh, no. Don't tell me you can swim in Cool, Cool Mountain! Yes you can, if you can find the secret area. Hint: see glitch above.

Big Boo’s Haunt

Dry Landing

Go into the room where a red coin and a ghost are next to a pit. Try to jump down and hit B so that you land directly on the pool deck.

Carpenter's Holiday

Go to the small balcony that overlooks the piano room. Look through the window into the library. Its door is missing from its entrance and you can see the sky through it.

Quiet in the Library

There is a way to get to the balcony with the star without going through the library. You need to coax the man-eating piano toward the main door to get it out of your way, stand with your back to the window just right of the fixed camera, then do a triple jump toward the wall a little to the right of the second door, then a wall-kick. If you are strong enough you can just get over the railing. Remember not to get too close to the piano or you will hear some more of the Stephen King Sonata.

Once you get up on said balcony take the door to the library. You will be in the enclosed space behind the wall with the book puzzle. You can walk through the wall into the library.

Air Kicks

In the merry-go-round, preferably after beating it so it stops turning, jump over the pyramid in the center. No matter how high you go, you will hit an invisible wall. You can even do a wall-kick off of it.

Big Boo's Camera Trick

With a clever trick you can get a distant Mario cam view in the house and on the balcony. Can you figure it out?

Stupid Camera Tricks

With the automatic stop camera action used in this course to make it more dramatic, it may not seem like Lakitu<>Stop mode has much use here. However, if you simply zoom up to look-around mode, hold R to stop the camera, then unzoom, you can reposition the camera easily.

Now let's use this camera behavior to snoop in on what the rooms do when we are not looking. Go to the back entrance to the house. Stand with your back to the wall just to the left of the back door landing and zoom up. Switch to Stop Cam and unzoom. Now Lakitu is stopped inside the wall. Now run Mario around the house to the front door. You will see Mario through what looks like an empty house. Walk up next to the door as close as you can without opening it. The indoor lobby will suddenly appear. Move away from the door and it will vanish. Contrary to this being one of the mysterious ghostly behaviors of this house, it is an instance of demand-based graphics loading and is used throughout the game.

This works the other way around too. This time stop Lakitu inside the front wall of the house. Then walk around and go next to the back door. The back two rooms joined by the walk-thru Big Boo painting will appear. Also walk Mario to the right of the door, and you will see a large black area. It appears that the sides of the dark pit over the swimming pool are persistant (i.e. not loaded on demand).

Now take this trick upstairs. Go up to the balcony. Polish off Big Boo, and stop Lakitu inside the wall next to the balcony door. Now jump off the balcony and run around to the right. Two indoor items you will spot are the star marker and the vanish cap block, which are inside. When Mario jumps onto the back door step, the blue coin switch will now appear. When he gets close to the door, the two rooms in back joined by the walk-thru Big Boo painting will now appear in a magnificent view from above.

Go behind the house and stand again with your back to the wall near the door landing. Zoom up to look-around mode and look up so Lakitu dips below ground level. Swtich to Stop Cam and run around to the front of the house. You are now looking up through the ground and it is invisible. Walk up as close as you can to the doorway of the elevator shed without opening it. The underground elevator and tunnels will suddenly appear.

Curious Floor

Take the elevator down to the brown brick tunnel leading to the merry-go-ground. Stop midway through the tunnel. Stand with your back to the right wall and zoom up to look-around mode. Look up so that Lakitu goes underwater as far as he will go. Switch to Stop Cam and then walk Mario as close to the merry-go-round entrance door as you can get without opening it. The merry-go-round should suddenly appear out of nowhere. But look closer. For some mysterious reason, the architects opted to put in a steel platform underneath the merry-go-round, even though there is no way to get down to it.

Hazy Maze Cave

Metal Red-Coin Challenge

See if you can retrieve all the red coins in the Metal Cave without using the metal cap.

One Way in the Cave

In the red coin room you will find a ramp strategically blocked by scaffolding to prevent getting up it. Or so they thought. Run toward the ramp, then just as you get under the scaffolding, do a long jump. The key is to jump exactly as you cross the line where the slope begins. If you are too soon, you will hit the scaffold; if you are too late, you’ll be on the slope and the jump won’t work. When you get through, you fall back into the well near a door and the music gets eerie.

There's an alternate way to get up this ramp. Can you figure it out?

Double Shiner

You can nab both of the eyeballs in the red coin room. For the one in the middle, just walk slowly around him, taking care not to fall off if he hits you. The second one is more tricky. Can you figure this one out? ;)

Black Mist

Enter the well behind the scaffolded exit ramp leading out of the cloudy maze. Get on the last step before the top of the ramp. Do a side flip and wall kick to jump high. Mario will vanish into a dark mist at the top of his jump. There is black mist above the door to the left as well. Frankly I think it would have been more effective to have the toxic mist be black like this.

Stars In Your Eyes

Enter the door leading to the metal cave pool. Stop short of the end of the curved tunnel and look up. You should see a blue star. Can you guess why that’s there?

Unreachable Star

Collect the 100th coin from one of the coins on the scaffold above the black hole. The star should appear above the scaffold, which is out of bounds, and uncollectable.

A More Amazing Emergency Exit

You can access the high ledge where the A-maz-ing Emergency Exit star is without going through the cloudy maze. At the end of the walkway leading to the boulders, do a side flip followed by a wall jump. You should jump up through the scaffolding to the floor above.

Regular Mario Can Move

It is possible to get the Metal-Head Mario Can Move star without being metal. Jump from the nearby platform and do a well-aimed butt slam. If you aim accurately, you will throw the switch.

X-ray Vision

In the underground lake, stand on the dragon's head and look up. Up in the darkness above the skylights you can see various items in the upper level, including facing tunnel walls and even a door. People have honestly wondered if there was a way to get up to that door!

Popup Cave

(discovered by ToiletDuck64 at Gamefaqs) Get on the island in the middle of the underground lake. Switch to stop cam and bring Mario up the elevator. Try to come close to the door on the left without opening it. The rolling boulder room should suddenly appear in the darkness.

Dorrie's Drop-In Party

(discovered by its a me mario at Gamefaqs) Go out on the walkway in the black hole room. Enter the door closer to the boulder ramp. Turn and face the door. Now using a a triple jump and a wall-kick, you can go over the wall on the left and fall to the underground lake. Sometimes you will die because the game thinks you fell into the black hole.

If you do the wall kick off the wall opposite the door, as you fall toward the water you can see over the boundary wall to the water outside the underground lake room. If you hit B and hook your fall to try to attempt to go beyond this wall, you will either hit an invisible barrier or die.

Lethal Lava Land

Things that Go Bump In the Night

I was trying to remember where in the game there was that constant thumping in the background. Then I found it - Lethal Lava Land. I also found that the sound goes away when you kill all the walking bowling balls, so it seems that they make the sound. Or maybe their presence makes Marios’ heart pound; the sound gets faster when you come nearer to a walking bowling ball. I save myself a lot of trouble plugging them off by starting star 5 or 6 so I can ride on the shell. Then you only have to run into them. Unfortunately you have to do it the hard way before you even get a shell block.

Die Laughing in the Heat

Ride the turtle shell into the side of the rolling log. Mario will seem to laugh hysterically. Actually he is having his butt burned and jumping up and down in a really small space.

Vanishing Bully

(discovered by Jamesco at Gamefaqs) Just past the puzzle there is a platform with two bullies. Push one onto the rotating island just beyond it. The bully will fall through the island.

Shifting Sand Land

Welcome, Let Me Take Your Hat

You can keep the albatross from taking your hat by just picking the first star everytime. He does, however, seem to want to force that star on you.

Chimney Surfing in the Pyramid

(discovered by LoZKing at Gamefaqs) Here is a trick that proves beyond a doubt that the entrance to the pyramid is indeed not an exit. If you do a wall-kick in the right place, you can jump back up inside the hole in the ceiling. Then hitting A repeatedly, you can keep doing wall-kicks and stay up in the hole indefinitely. (See also Chimney Surfing in the Mountainside)

Pyramid Cannon

Do the speed jump in the steep part of the tunnel to Eyerok's Tomb. You can shoot Mario out of the tunnel so fast that he lands at the pyramid entry point.

Instant Blackout

When you enter the sloped tunnel leading to Eyerok’s tomb, go down it slowly and you will hear the pyramid noise from above suddenly cease. Turn and look back at the top of the tunnel, and you will see that it is black. Walk back up toward it, and the view of the pyramid and the noise will resume at the same time.

View Tomb from the Darkness

An enhanced version of the Instant Blackout trick. (discovered by its a me mario at gamefaqs) Blow the top off the pyramid. Switch the camera to Lakitu<>Stop mode. Go in the top entrance and immediately push and hold R. Mario should ride down while Lakitu watches from above. When he gets down. Jump into the hole leading to the tomb. Walk slowly down the tunnel. The whole pyramid room suddenly disappears, and you can now see into the tomb from way up high. Turn around and come back up. Suddenly Lakitu will have his face against a floor. The elevator is now back at the top. Let Lakitu move down just a little, and now you can see the pyramid room. Now you can walk back and forth in the tunnel and the scene will change between the pyramid and the tomb.

Dire, Dire Docks

Squatter Sub

If you go to Pole vaulting for red coins, but the poles are not there, and the sub still is, you still haven’t fought the second bowser. This will also remove the underwater Bowser painting and reveal the “suction hole”.

Behind Bars

With the vanish cap Mario can walk through the scaffold pillars on the walls along the walkway. Walk inside it, and Mario will still be there when the vanish cap stops. He can still walk out though.

Dancing on the Sea Floor

Collect the 100th coin from one of the red coins next to a pole directly above the water. Then collect the star while keeping hold of the pole. Mario will immediately appear at the bottom of the lake and give his V sign. He will then pop to the water surface.

Reach For a Star

After the sub is gone, if you really screw up your face and look carefully you can spot the Board Bowser’s Sub star hanging in mid air over the water. This star can be reached by by going to the pole at the "black hole" end of the room. Climb close to the top of the pole. When it lines up with the star, leap directly at it. With luck, you should land on it.

Dire View from the Darkness

Switch the camera to Lakitu<>Stop mode. Stop Lakitu off to one side of the tunnel entrance and swim into the tunnel. Eventually the first area will disappear and you will see the second area from afar. See how far into the area you can get Mario while watching from the stop point. Now let Lakitu into the second area and try this the other way around.

Snowman’s Land

Come to Shell for Answers

Before you do anything else, you can go pick up the turtle shell, ride to the igloo and open the canyon. Once you do that, you can shoot from the cannon straight to the star on top of the big snowman. It sure saves time trying to triple jump over the moving triangles or ride that penguin.

Buried Treasure I

Look for the first wooden walkway you come to after getting past the "ice maker". Look through the wall so you can see underneath the bend in the middle of the walkway. You will see a coin buried deep in the snow, apparently out of reach. However it isn't really. Look carefully around here and see if you can figure out how to get the coin. You just have to know what to look for.

Mario In the Deep Freeze

When Mario falls into snow, he gets stuck. Guess what? This works with ice as well. Walk from the start point toward the big snowman, then turn right. You will come to a cliff edge with a tree. Look to the left of the tree and you will see a frozen pond below. Do a triple jump off the cliff and land on the ice. Mario's legs will get stuck in the ice. You can even see his legs through the ice. If you press Z at the top of the jump, his butt will get stuck there. If you press B at the top of the jump, he will get stuck headfirst.

You can get stuck in the Bully's ice platform the same way by doing a handstand dismount from the tree on the cliff. While you are stuck, he just walks through you.

Die Laughing in the Cold

Ride the turtle shell into the bottom of the ramp leading up to the Big Bully. Mario will seem to laugh hysterically. Actually he is having his butt frozen and jumping up and down in a really small space.

Wet-Dry World

Seasick Mario

Stop and look in the lower level. You will note that the room itself moves up and down, not the water.

Bird's Eye View of Rome

Enter this world jumping as high as you can so the water level is maximized. If you do this you can jump up onto the scaffold around the tunnel leading to “town”. Walk to the end of the scaffold and you can look straight down onto the ancient Roman ruins. Notice that you can see only the fronts of all the buildings, even when you are looking down. It seems to me that this Rome was built in a day.

Distant View of Town

High jump into the course to maximize the water level. Jump on top of the cage surrounding the pipe. Switch the camera to Lakitu<>Stop mode. Push and hold R and swim down through the pipe. The upper level will disappear and you will see the downtown area from above. Try to get to the water surface downtown before you drown. Also try to drain the water down there.

After doing this, stop the camera in the downtown and try this trick the other way around. Also try stopping Lakitu at the cannon and bringing Mario to the lower level.

Pipe Spy

A variant of the above trick. Swim into pipe and stop the camera at the last turn in the pipe so you see into the downtown. Swim Mario back to the upper area and over to the wall next to the cannon. You can see the upper area from inside the pipe.

Precarious Climb to Town

Go to where the highest crystal is in the main area. Walk up the ramp and go up one step. From there, stand facing away from the cage leading to town, but turned slightly toward the gray wall. Now jump onto the sloped wall, holding the control stick toward the upper right. Mario should start to stutter along the bottom of the slope and move backward. When you are over the cage, let go to fall in.

Chuck-Ya Down

(Discovered by Brightguy at gamefaqs) Set the water level below the platform with the ! switch. Go pick up Chuck-Ya. Carry him to a nearby edge. Begin pumping A really fast and walk right off the edge. Mario will automatically throw Chuck-Ya and than jump. Continue holding the stick in the direction of travel. If you timed it right, Mario should fall to the lower platform and land under Chuck-Ya, who will then pick up Mario. After Chuck throws you, you have him on the lower platform.

Inflatable Chuck-Ya

After doing Chuck-Ya Down, leave Chuck after he throws you and go hit the highest crystal, flooding the platform where Chuck is. Go back and fish him out of the water. Swim with him over to the ramp with the crystal. Chuck-Ya will now be light.

Secret of the Cubbyhole

(Discovered by Brightguy at gamefaqs) After doing Inflatable Chuck-Ya, carry him to the second-lowest crystal and hit it. Then jump from the water onto the platform to where you find the box that's pushed into a hole. Stand with your back against the box and hit B to throw Chuck-Ya. You should be pushed into the hole behind the box. Now you can push the box completely out of the hole and around on the platform.

For some reason, you need to stand against the left portion of the box (right where the Heave-Ho can reach you!) or you might not get through.

Chuck-Ya Goes to Town

After doing Inflatable Chuck-Ya, do the Precarious Climb to Town glitch while holding Chuck-Ya. If you did it right, you can now carry Chuck into the pipe. Take him to the far end of the pipe, then turn and take him back. Go back and forth through the loading point a number of times, and see what happens to Chuck-Ya! It's okay, you can still go up for air when you need it.

Before doing this, it is good to low-jump into the course for minimum water level so you can take a shorter trip for air while swimming back and forth through the loading point. Also make sure, while holding light Chuck-Ya, not to catch onto edges (try to clear them instead), take any damage, or hit anything that makes Mario say "Oof!". These make you drop Chuck.

Bypass the Load Point

(Discovered by Dom Dunc) Well, if you did Pipe Spy, here is the trick you were proabably hoping for. After doing Chuck-Ya Down, carry Chuck over to the yellow ! block nearby. Stand with your back against the wall right where the edge of the shadow is, and hit B to throw Chuck-Ya. Mario will be pushed through the wall, and drop to the pipe below. But since you entered the pipe beyond the loading point, the downtown won't be there, just an invisible wall and a view of the upper area. A one-sided "black room of death" of sorts.

Into the Dry Pipe

(discovered by Dom Dunc) Ever wanted to walk through the pipe leading to downtown? Now it can be done. First, due to the existance of a small glitch (to be explained below), you should do a low-jump entry to the painting so the main area water is shallow. Get on top of the low gray building near the trees. From there do a long jump onto the red roof so that you get burned by the fire spitter. While on fire, run around on the roof in a circle to pick up speed, then with a running start jump and wall kick off the brick pillar on the wall nearby, and hook right. If you get high enough, you will grab onto the mesh covering the tunnel and can lift yourself up over it. Now you are inside of the tunnel when it is dry. What is special about this method is that it answers that nagging question - what is a fire spitter doing on top of a sloped roof? 2

Important: Aim your jump so that you grab the mesh in the middle. If you grab on the side, the angled wall above will keep you from pulling yourself up!

Mysterious Wall of Water

Having made it into the dry pipe, you will now encounter a rather humorous glitch. If you remember the View Downtown from the Darkness glitch, it showed now the upper and lower areas load one at a time, and the full length of the pipe is duplicated in both of them. There is a "loading point" located in the midpoint in the pipe where you transition from one to the other, and because the pipes both look identical from this spot, you can't really tell anything's happening — provided, of course, that there is water in both pipes! But if by chance you did the dry pipe trick, you will know when you have reached the loading point. You will be walking down the pipe, then suddenly you hear a splash and begin swimming. You can go the opposite way; swim through the loading point, and you fall to your feet again in the drained downtown pipe.

Every time you pass the warp to the upper area, you'll find its water level restored to what it was when you entered the course. If it is deep, you will often pop up to the upper water surface when you try to go through the warp. Setting it to shallow seems to prevent this.

Apparently while doing the dry pipe glitch, Dom Dunc has discovered a major secret regarding the slow up and down motion of the water in the downtown. For some unknown reason, the game has been programmed so that the height of the water in downtown at the exact moment you exit through the loading point will become its average height the next time you enter it. Here are two glitch exercises that take advantage of this secret!

Dry, Dry Town

(discovered by Dom Dunc) First go downtown and do the dry pipe trick as described above. Then locate the loading point in the pipe. Walk and stop just short of where Mario "catches water". Switch to Mario cam and zoom out. You should see the lower area water. Watch it's slow up and down movement, and step through the loading point when the water is at the bottom of its undulation. Then turn around, land in the dry part again and repeat several times. Now go and check the downtown. If you did it enough times, all the water will be gone. Jump into downtown, and walk on dry ground. You need to be careful when you do this, because remember those two firespitters that did nothing? They work now!

Wet, Wet Town

(proposed by Dom Dunc) Readers will naturally wonder if it can be done the other way. Enter the pipe and swim back and forth through the loading point, but each time leave the lower area when its water is at the top of its undulation. Periodically swim up to the cage in the upper area for air. After doing this a number of times, take a good air supply and go check out the downtown. If you did it enough times, the entire room will be filled with water. You can hear the skimmers, but you can't see any. To see what has happened to them, swim up to the highest part of the ceiling and go near the slanted portion. Move the camera sideways into the ceiling and it will move up to the water surface above the ceiling. And look around up there, because that's where the skimmers are as well!

It seems to be evident that the programmers had in mind this ability to adjust the water level. If it were a little higher at its low level, the cork box created by the ! switch would actually be necessary. You would need the metal cap to activate the switch as well. With the water set below ground level, the fire spitters are no longer smothered and they come to life.

If you happen to be a klutz at doing the dry pipe trick, but you have a lot of patience, this method of adjusting the water level provides an alternate way of letting the water out of the pipe. But I warn you , this is doing it the long way. Just enter the pipe with the water in it like normal, and go back and forth through the loading point and lower the water level from its high point all the way to the floor. You will need to change viewpoints for watching the water level when it gets low enough in the pipe to where you are walking. Actually, just getting to the point where the pipe is half-full makes for an intriguing screenshot, and a great attitude test!

Invisible Mario

(announced by Dom Dunc) First do the Chuck-Ya Down glitch. Then slide the crate to the right to make sure it is out of the way. Go hit the high-water crystal, then come back and swim into the corner left of the crate. When Chuck-Ya comes back to you, dive down so that he can grab you. When he does, the Mario he is holding is a dummy Mario, while the real one is still in the water invisible, and can be controlled for a short time. While Chuck-Ya is holding dummy Mario, dive down and try to grab him from behind. This is tricky, because you can't see what you're doing. When you succeed, Chuck-Ya and the dummy he is holding will become stuck floating above the water. Now Mario can swim to other parts of the course, invisible! One word of caution: if you try to return to where you left Chuck-Ya, you will become visible again. 2

Tall, Tall Mountain

Get a Corner on Life

As if there weren’t enough 1-ups in the secret slide subcourse already: if you touch all four corners in the shed at the beginning, a 1-up appears in the center of the room. Some people can hear the 1-up, but don't ever see it or know what they did to make it appear.

Chimney Surfing in the Mountainside

(discovered by Dom Dunc) Here is a trick that proves beyond a doubt that the exit to the hidden slide is indeed not an entrance. If you jump back up into the hole at the right angle, and then hit A repeatedly, you can keep doing wall-kicks and stay up in the hole indefinitely. (see also Chimney Surfing in the Pyrmamid)

Secret Crawl Route

Swim across the water at the start to the cliff in back. You will find a shaded triangular section which you can crawl up all the way to the ledge where the Bob-Omb Buddy is. From there you can crawl still higher to the monkey.

Windy Shortcut

Go to the left of the lake at the start. Run and do a long jump through the 1-up at the end of the ledge, hooking toward the wall on the right. If you do it right, the wind will blow you up to the field where Chuck-Ya is.

Mountain Wall Kick of Fright

Go to the second gap you long-jump over after the start. This is the one that drops off into the abyss. Try to wall kick you way down as far as you can go, and then kick your way back up again.

Helicopter Tour

You can fly around the entire mountain. Yes I know there is no wing cap. Go to where the monkey is who steals your hat. Jump on the Fly Guy so you take off spinning in the air in a direction away from the mountain. Make a right and head along the cliff. You will see the start point below you. If you are fast enough you will hit your first updraft just past the 1-up and the Mysterious Mountainside exit. There are more updrafts until about where you reach the “lonely mushroom”. By riding on the updrafts you can stay in the air as long as you want. I’ve made it as far as the ramp leading up from the circle of coins to the start point. Also try flying around the mountain the other way.

Burn Up on Reentry

Long jump over the first wide gap after the starting point. Then look back and up. You will see rolling boulders falling from above dissolving in mid air just as they are about to land on you.

A Programmer’s Holiday

Enter the hidden slide subcourse. Do a side flip to get on top of the first arch. Turn and face the shed, switch to Mario camera and zoom out. Notice that the out-facing surfaces of the arch and the parapets are transparent. I guess the programmer didn’t want to bother putting in surfaces that almost nobody would look back at. Such economizing on graphics reminds me of my parents not putting lights on the back of the Christmas tree, or the gentleman who shines only the front of his shoes.

The programmer seems to also have taken a major vacation. If you were hoping to find a way to get on top of that shed that you come out of at the top of the slide, the news is that it's roof doesn't exist. You can discover this yourself with a little camera work. Switch to Mario camera. Zoom out and side flip onto the arch. Face slide-ward, so Lakitu is looking at Mario from above and a little to the side of the shed. Pause and change to Lakitu<>Stop mode. Hold R and unpause so Lakitu is frozen in place over the roof. Now walk back into the building. You will be looking down through the ceiling at Mario.

No-Return Policy

(discovered by Dom Dunc) Go down the red slide, and after going through the first tunnel, kick your way back up through the tunnel again. When you come back out the top, the slide will be gone and you will fall away.

Another trick based on the same glitch: go down the slide, and stop the cam just as Mario is about to enter the tunnel. The slide before the tunnel will disappear, leaving only the distant slide where Mario is.

Both tricks work in the second tunnel further down the slide. I found that the slide is divided into three areas that load individually as Mario enters them. For this reason, you also cannot fall off the slide and shortcut to a lower part that is in another area, because it doesn't "exist" yet. And since the loading process only works forward, kicking all the way back up the slide is impossible.

Plunge Into Limbo

Pick up Chuck-Ya and carry him to the pointed corner nearby. Begin pumping A really fast and walk right off the edge. Mario will automatically throw Chuck-Ya and than jump. Try to get Mario under Chuck as you both fall. If you time it right, Chuck should grab Mario, and you both will fall into oblivion. At this point the game will be at an impass; the controller will just cause small camera movements. 1

But if you switch to Mario cam, the camera should begin sinking to the bottom of the course until Mario appears, suspended in mid air, wiggling as if he were still being held, but he's alone. You can move the camera, but Mario doesn't respond to any controls. 1

Six Feet Over

A variation of Plunge Into Limbo: Take Chuck-Ya to the sharp corner nearby, and follow the Chuck-Ya Down method to drop to the start area. If the timing is right, Chuck-Ya will pick up Mario just before pulverizing. Mario will be left suspended in mid air just above the ground, wiggling as if he were still being held. You can move the camera, but Mario doesn't respond to any controls. 1

Bizarre Shortcut

(Discovered by Christian Wall and Daniel Nugoz) If you look across the water from just left of the start point, you will see a shaded strip of wall (see Secret Crawl Route). For best results switch to Mario camera and zoom out. Do a long jump over the water and land at the the bottom of the dark strip, and you should go through the wall. Zoom in and you can just barely see Mario swimming in the water inside the mountain. Dive down to get Lakitu to follow you in. If you swim too deep you will die. Now start to swim up and using the C buttons look up and you can see through the entire mountain. You will also see that the water above you is a big rectangular area. Swim back up to the surface staying within the water's edge so you don't fall away. Then swim to the right along the water's back edge. When you come to the water's corner, stop. Turn left and swim off the back of the water here. You will end up directly beneath another water area above and immediately pop up to it. At first, you will be swimming underneath the perch where the monkey is. From here you can swim directly into the water pool nearby. Or you can dive and swim under it, and come up behind the cliff. From there you can swim left and look from behind the waterfall. You can swim through the fall back into the water pool.

As long as you remain inside the wall you can still dive down again. Look for the lower water area below, and swim straight toward the nearest corner. You will fall back down to the area. Look for other water areas behind the walls which you can swim under.

Tiny-Huge Island

More Buck for your Bang

On Huge Island, butt stomp a large Goomba to get a blue coin. Using this method you can easily get your 100 coin star without even going to Tiny Island.

Running for Dollars

With a careful aim of the cannon you can shoot onto the small island with a stump and a sign on top of it. If you make it there you will find that the sign says “I take no responsibility whatsoever for those who get dizzy and pass out from running around this post.” I ran around it several times and nothing happened. As it turns out, this is probably the one truely subtle clue in the game. Try running around any other stump a few times?

Skate to the top

You can ride the turtle shell to the top of Huge Island. From the beach where Koopa Troopa is, pick up his shell and ride up the slope on the right. You have to hop to get up slopes. When you get high enough, you can make a sharp left and you will find a slope that crosses the cliff above the beach. Follow it all the way to the plateau where the race with Koopa Troopa begins. Then hop up the slope behind the nearby pipe. From there it is a small hop onto the landing where the Chuck-Ya is. Follow the road from there to the top and then you can slide around on the lake at the top. Make sure you don’t run into anything vertical or you will lose the shell. Also see if you can find a shorter route to the top.

Buried Treasure II

It is impossible to collect all the coins on Tiny Island. First collect all coins around the ball-generating hole, even pounding the ground around the hole to make sure you get everything that might be partially buried. Now jump down to the ledge with the small piranha and turn it into a coin. Then switch to look-around mode and look inside the wall up toward the ball generator. What’s that I see buried there?

Vanish in the Crawlspace

In Tiny Island, go to the beach where the two coins and the fire spitter are. Stand with your back to the little crawl space on the left side of the beach. To avoid fire balls, wait until the first one appears and then begin doing the speed jump into the crawl space. Mario's head will begin to be pushed against the ceiling, and he will slowly levitate until he is thrown through the wall. You can end up in one of various places. In one instance I ended up behind the wall near the purple switch, and from there walked through a gap and fell in the water under the hill where the pipe and pirhanna are.

Dry-Clean Wiggler

Get to Wiggler without draining the water. (discovered by Neo Ninja at Gamefaqs). First go up to where the Chuck-Ya is. Get him out of the way. Then do a side flip and hit B to dive into the slanted wall, or else do a long jump into it. If you hit the wall correctly (which seems to be exactly at right angles to the surface), you will go through the wall. Mario should then be swimming underneath the rim of the lake. Dive down until Lakitu comes down with you. Then start to swim back up, so you can see the water surface from below. Eventually you should spot what looks like a dark box in the middle. This is the well leading to the Wiggler subcourse. Swim up to the box and touch the black square on the bottom. This will put you in the subcourse. It’s kind of humorous that he still accuses you of flooding his place, even though in this particular case you didn't.

Chuck the Pounds

First, it helps to kill off the two Fly-Guy's and the spiny-throwing Lakitu, so that you will have them out of the way. Now carry Chuck-Ya up to the lake on top. You can enter the water and swim while holding him. Take him back out. He will now be light, and you can carry him around the course!

Chuck-Ya's Underground Tour

First do the Chuck the Pounds glitch. Take Chuck-Ya down to Dizzy Lake (The lake with the island and sign in the middle; see Running for Dollars). Bring him onto the island there the cannon is. Stand with your back against the brown triangular wall section and throw Chuck-Ya with B. This will push Mario into the wall and he will land underneath the cannon hill.

An alternate route: Stand in the shallow water with your back against the cliff on the left side of the beach, holding Chuck-Ya. Throw him and you will be pushed into a small hidden water area inside the wall.

Here's the fun part: from either of these two hidden areas, you can go down through the sand bottom and swim under the entire lake!

Hidden Desert

First do the Chuck the Pounds glitch. Then take him down to the beach and stand with your back againnst the middle of the wall to the right of the tunnel leading back to the start. Throw Chuck-Ya to get pushed through the wall, and then hook into the wall. He should land in the water under the start island. From there, swim toward the left side of the tunnel. Mario should land on a dry sandy area under the island, where he can walk around.

Red Coin Secret

Try to get to the red coin cave without getting on the wooden plank.

Tick Tock Clock

Get Mario’s Clock Fixed

You can pick up all the stars in the course in stop time. When going down that ramp leading to the climbing pole, a double jump should get up to the pole-platform where the shocking orb is. At the top of the pole, where the two Heave-Ho’s are, a wall jump is sufficient to get you to the higher platform next to the spinning heart. To get to the ledge above the spinning heart, you will need to do a side flip and a wall jump. Then you can grab the platform above by the hands. The Get a Hand star can be accessed by jumping down from a nearby gear. The trickiest is getting up to the Thwomp at the pinnacle. Go into the large alcove where the Thwomp is. You will notice that sides of the room here are all sloped. From the front right corner, do a triple jump to the left and then a wall jump just above the sloping part. If your aim is right you can land right on the plank above. This sequence is tricky and requires a blind leap and some practice. Finally, a carefully timed double jump should get you on the Thwomp.

Rainbow Ride

Moorage For Rent

Get in the cannon on the ship, then turn it to the right as far as it will go, and look down. Why, isn't that the dock at the big house that we thought didn't do anything? If you aim just above the mast at the right angle, and shoot yourself out, you will land right on the dock.

Blown Through the Floor

If Bob-Omb pushes Mario into the corner and blows up in his face, it may seem as if he disappeared. But when you hear his yell, you will know he got pushed through the floor and he fell away.

Cruise for Half Price

You can get to the pirate ship with just one carpet. Get on the carpet that departs from the rotating platforms. Get off at the platform with the breakable cork block on it. Long jump from it to the L-shaped platform next to it. Climb the pole up from it to the top, watching out for the blue flame. Look for the blue blocks just above the pole, and to a handstand dismount onto the smaller one closer to the loading dock. Jump to the next blue block after that and from there, a careful double jump will let you grab onto the loading dock. Then raise yourself up and board the ship.

A Hike to the Big House

It is possible to get to the big house in the sky without any carpets. I’ve done it several times now. Can you figure it out?

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

To do this trick, you need to be adept at getting 100 coins in this course without your control pad slipping out of your sweaty-palms. Collect coins and then ride the carpet so you will arrive with 99 coins at the last window the carpet enters in the big house before rising to the roof. There is a row of 5 coins at the window. Pick up the first one you come to. A star should appear outside the window. Jump off the carpet onto the window sill. Now jump out the window to pick up the star. If you do this right, Mario will make a long fall to the bottom of the course and stand in midair giving his V sign. After the text box closes, Mario will stand there screaming and then die.

Bowser In the Darkworld

Bowser Secret

When you enter the bowser battle, you can create an impasse so that it is not possible to defeat bowser. Can you figure out how it is done?

Bowser In the Fire Sea

Wall Standing

With Lakitu camera at mid-zoom, get on the elevator and go up. On the way back down, with Lakitu in the net room looking toward the elevator, push Mario against the right wall. Then hold down so you can hear him slide his feet. When the elevator comes down to the opening, Mario will assume a norizontal position in mid air, and continue to slide his feet. Hit c-down and he will turn and face his head in the opposite direction. When you let go of the stick, Mario will land back on his feet.

Disappearing Elevator

With Lakitu camera at mid-zoom, watch Mario go up in the elevator. It will seem to disappear as it reaches the top. The explanation can be demonstrated. Switch to Mario camera and follow Mario up on the elevator. You will see that the elevator moves through a red lava layer, and then through a black layer above it.

Sinking in the oil

Ride up to the top in the elevator. Then switch to Mario camera zoomed out, and as he goes back down, the elevator and Mario will sink through a black surface.

Bowser in the Sky

Through the Stairs

Go under the stairs leading to the pipe, where a red coin is hidden. Stand under the stairs with your back to the wall. Do the speed jump toward the wall. Care must be taken to avoid falling off. Mario should start bouncing in place and eventually pop up through the stairs.

Princess’s Secret Slide

Princess’s Rest Stop

Half way down the slide is three arches and places where you can stop completely and stand up. From here you can get a good look at the layout of the course. Notice how you can see through the wall into the room and tunnel at the top of the course. You may even try to stand on top of the three arches.

For the Strong of Heart

To get down the slide as fast as you can, when you exit the tunnel, jump off the left side. If you aim through the air right, you can land on the slide down below. Hit B just before landing to save time and avoid taking damage.

Stand Tall On the Three Pillars

Try to get on top of the striped pillars near the bottom of the slide. The last two are pretty easy. The first one can be a real doozy.

Top Secret Area

Find it, and be in the one-tenth percentile of Mario gamers. You can let me know if you find it or need hints.

Tower of the Wing Cap

Ghost Towers

If you fly down where the towers start to fade, but not so far down that you fall out of the course, you can fly through the towers, including the fat one in the center.

View From the Depths

(discovered by Josiah P Version 2 at Gamefaqs) Look up at the galaxy painting in the foyer to activate the wing cap course. As the screen begins to white out, hit A to get out of look-around mode, then do a butt slam just as the course is about to activate. If the timing is right, you will enter the course looking up from the very bottom, and Mario will be falling toward the camera.


Work Out the Mario Way

In a course, set the camera to Lakitu <> Stop mode. Then switch to look around mode, and hold the R button as you look around. Mario does head-rolling exercises.


You may notice that when the Princess kisses Mario on the nose he acts like he’s about to sneeze.

Leap for Joy

You can make mario do a “gainer” from a ledge. Stand facing off the ledge and do a backflip. Hold the joystick forward right away and he will land in front of his starting position.

Hot Seat

Run and then push Z then B. Mario can bounce on his butt once in lava without getting burned.

Jumprope Mario

While doing a series of long jumps, reverse the joystick until Mario stops moving forward and then let go. Now Mario will do “long jumps” up and down in place!

Speed Jump

There is one jump in the game that doesn't appear in the documented Mario moves since it exploits an unintended side effect of Mario's interaction with steep surfaces. While doing a series of long jumps, reverse the joystick and he will begin long jumping backwards! If you do this up steep non-slip surfaces, strobe the A button furiously, Mario should begin to go backwards at breakneck speed. This has made way for some spectacular feats in the game.

Text Quiz

There are two unmistakable letters that appear in the Mario 64 world. Can you find them? Notes: 1) “L is real 2401” is not unmistakable. 2) Since Mario is the avatar, his hat doesn't count. 3) The "red F" is only an accidental resemblance.

Taking a Bath

Try to find a teleport that brings you underwater from dry land.

Bonus Secret

Can you find my secret Mario page? It has solutions to some of my challenges, plus it reveals a secret area that isn't even mentioned here. A link to the page is hidden somewhere in my mario pages. Mario says to you, "Look for me standing where I shouldn't be able, and then go fishing."

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1 This trick requires a reset to exit.
2 Details for more efficient execution of this glitch are still being studied.