Mario 64 Screenshots

Outside the Castle
Inside the Castle
Whomp's Fortress
Cool, Cool Mountain
Big Boo's Haunt
Hazy Maze Cave
Shifting Sand Land
Dire, Dire Docks
Snowman's Land
Wet-Dry World
Tall, Tall Mountain
Tiny-Huge Island
Princess's Secret Slide
Tower of the Wingcap
Bowser in the Darkworld
Bowser in the Sky
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Outside the Castle

Floating Forest. View of Mario from underground.
Second Black Room. Fake room behind moat entrance to basement.
L is real 2041. Enigmatic inscription on star sculpture.
Water Wish. Large lake under castle.
Water Walker
Ghost Lakitu

Inside the Castle

Red F. View of Red 3d F lying in darkness behind first snow painting.
Black room with 0
Ghost Trap. Big Boo in the darkness.
Curious Foyer Picture. Guess how I got this view? (see another)
Swimming with MIPS
Fake Stairs. Fake room behind basement exit to stairs.
Tile Room. Fake room behind stair entrance to basement.
Glass Bottom Room. Fake room behind basement exit to moat.
Trapped behind 50-star door
Trapped behind 30-star door
In the Fishtank (view through window)
Through the Looking Glass. Unusual view from inside of mirror.
Behind the Times. Mario inside the clock.
Super Stereo 64. 3d anaglyph.

Whomp’s Fortress

Behind the walls
View from the Deep
Bottom of the World. Mario stands on abyssal floor after collecting 100-coin star.

Cool Cool Mountain

Wood Room of Death. Fake room behind doorway to slide finish.
Cool Swim
Cool Air Walker

Big Boo’s Haunt

Distant View of Back Room. View from balcony.
Distant View of Elevator. View from back of house.
Mysterious Floor. Steel floor under merrygoround.

Hazy Maze Cave

Dorrie's Drop-In Party. Mario falls to underground lake, sees beyond wall.

Shifting Sand Land

Pyramid Glitch. Standing on bottom of pyramid entrance.
Distant View of Eyerock's Tomb. View from top of pyramid.

Dire, Dire Docks

Distant View Forward
Distant View Backward
Inside the mesh column

Snowman’s Land

Stuck Head First. Yes, you can get stuck in ice too.

Wet-Dry World

Distant View From Above
Distant View From Below
Roman Ruins
Pipe Spy. clever view from far end of pipe when downtown not loaded.
Dry Pipe
Dry, Dry World
Wet, Wet World
Skimmers Above Ceiling
Mario's Attitude Test
Into the Cubby Hole. (behind block, empty hole, inside hole)
Wrong End. Mario bypasses the loading point.
Presto Changeo. How did Mario get that thing in here? (Identity Crisis: cannon, amp, yellow block, crystal, bubble, big box, 1-up, airlift, coin, firespitter, ?????, bob-omb buddy, tree!!!, heave-ho)
Plant a Tree (climb tree, rooftop tree)
Invisible Mario

Tall, Tall Mountain

Programmer's Holiday. View missing surfaces in the secret slide.
No Roof
In Limbo. Mario spotted after Chuck-Ya brought him over the edge
Six Feet Over (closeup)
Behind the walls

Tiny-Huge Island

Buried Treasure. Inaccessible coin.
Dryclean Wiggler. Sneak approach to making wiggler squirm.
Chuck-Ya at the Beach
Inside Cannon Hill
Under Cover
Hidden Beach
Under Mountain
Under Lake
Underground Desert (view of second lake)
View from Deep

Princess’s Secret Slide

Stand tall on the three pillars

Tower of the Wing Cap

Ghost Tower. Mario flies through bottom of big tower.
View From Deep.

Bowser In the Darkworld

Curious Bowser Battle. What is wrong with this picture?

Bowser In the Sky

Bowser 3 with 16


Partial Eclipse
Secret Lagoon
Mystery Shot

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