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Inside the Castle
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Shifting Sand Land
Dire, Dire Docks
Snowman's Land
Wet-Dry World
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Tiny-Huge Island
Rainbow Ride
Bowser in the Fire Sea
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Now that I have posted some Mario 64 secrets, I am continuing to fish for more of these secrets. This is your chance to toy with the game and tell me what you find out. Included here are challenges which I have not been able to verify possible. It is to be assumed that I am seeking to do these tricks without using a Gameshark or a hacked version of the game. The secrets are color keyed according to two types:
Viable possibilities. Curiosities I have about how to do something or whether it can be done.
Rumors. Unsubstantiated rumors about some supposed trick or glitch that I am trying to verify.
Pipe dreams. Tricks that are probably not possible, but I want to be sure.
Freaks. One-time behaviors possibly caused by a bug.

Outside the castle

Boo's Black Room of Death.

Has anyone been able to get Mario in the “black room” behind the castle's back door? I tried speed jumping up the basement stairs, but they are mostly too steep for this. I considered using the ghosts, but you don't slip off of them so they don't seem useful as nudging devices.3

Giddyap Yoshi.

It would seem that with all the trouble of providing Yoshi for this game, he would do more than provide the little-needed 100 lives after you’ve already milked the game clean. Is there some secret for riding him? After all, they saddled him, as if to at least make us try to get a ride on him. Some people have provided supposed instructions for doing it, but the instructions are not clear or haven’t worked.

Uncharted Galaxy.

Someone at Gamefaqs has found a strange glitch under the castle roof. He flew into the highest window on the front tower. While ordinarily you should fall to the black room, he landed instead on a hidden surface with the galaxy image that you see on the lobby ceiling. And he had only to look at it and be warped to Mario Wings to the Sky. He evidently didn't get warped inside, since the outdoor bird sounds were still there. I am suspecting that he managed to create some kind of "array out of bounds" exception without the game trapping it, and entered an adjacent memory area that contained this painting. Has anyone else found this secret place?

Out of Cannon Experience.

I had a one-time glitch where I got in the cannon by the fish pond. And instead of the camera looking through the cannon it was outside above it, until Mario shot out. Has anyone else had this experience, or figured out how it is done?

Large Lake Under Castle.

I am looking for any polygon glitches that would let Mario fall through the ground or wall and swim in the large lake under the castle. A good place to check are angled walls like those around the fish pond, and grass hillsides, particularly those Mario seems to sink part way through when he pushes against them. I’ve also been trying to get out over the wall of the “black rooms” using a triple jump and wall kick. Mario sometimes jerks as if he were just starting to go over the wall, but so far no success. The same appears true of the black room in the moat, because it is shorter and you can wall kick above the black part easily (Billy, how did you get in there - you ask), but you hit an invisible rubber barrier. Maybe a well-aimed speed jump will get you through the right wall. A Gameshark would be useful here if only to ascertain that the water under the castle isn't outside the course boundary. It could also be used to see if invisible shafts over both black rooms extend all the way to the roof. One person has reported flying half way through the left side of the castle. He had trouble remembering everything he saw, but it seems that he died. Though he described "falling into the darkness", I think what he did was cue the laughing Bowser. This would suggest that this region is an "illegal" area where it would kill Mario to go.1

Wet Goose Chase.

I saw somewhere a post that if you “try” to swim through the waterfall around 23 times you will be warped to the final bowser level. I’ve swum in and out of the waterfall 30 times without any such result. Does anyone know how to make this work? Is this referring to successful attempts, failed ones, or both? And does swimming both into and out of the waterfall both count? 4

Mysterious Numbers.

Someone reported swimming around in the black hole by the waterfall and made a vague description of seeing numbers appear. What is that about? I but wonder if he were actually seeing the health meter, but I don't remember if it has numbers.

Swim in Air.

Someone says that you can make Mario swim in the air over the empty moat as if the water were still in it, and without using a Gameshark. The description of the trick involves going in and out through the door in the black room “a few times”and then coming back out and somersaulting into the moat. Not specified is the number of times you go in and out, what kind of somersault you do, or where to do it from. Has anyone got this to work?

I also saw a screenshot of the converse trick, Mario standing underwater on the bottom of the fishpond. Can this be done without a Gameshark?

Inside the castle

Jolly With Zero.

Someone at Gamefaqs has been able to get mario into the aquarium room with 0 stars. They did a speed jump up the small stairway nearby, storing up "energy", and then pushed through the door by back long jumping against it. I'm trying to learn how to do that, and then how to go through other doors in a similar way.

Milky Way World.

At the foot of the stairs to the clock room is a painting of the night sky. This one is unique because it is the only painting that isn't associated with a level. Could this too be of a level whose actual entrance lies cleverly hidden somewhere else? While it is true that the same design covers the walls in the clock room, this room is not a “course”.

Pillars in the Community.

Is there a secret to the 5 stacks in the mirror room? 2

Stand Your Ground.

Is there a way to move toad? Maybe you can nudge him bit by bit using repeated butt slams or something.

Through the Looking Glass.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get Mario inside the mirror? Some people who have done it with a Gameshark found that the reflected room is “incomplete”: if you try to walk into the hole where the door is, you will just walk on air at the floor level. But I’m interested in getting in without a Gameshark. Maybe the mirror can be entered using a trick similar to going through the closed gate in Bob-Omb’s Battlefield. Someone used a Gameshark once and moonjumped through the ceiling. Maybe you can somehow jump high enough to get through it and clear the mirror. 3


I'm interested in possible explanations for “Shhh. Please walk quietly in the hallway”. This appears to be the only sign that has no game clues. Does something happen up here if you’re quiet enough? Or if you’re noisy enough? Or might it refer to a hallway elsewhere, such as the one leading to the courtyard? One poster says he was running laps in the art gallery and got a Bowser message that said “Why don’t you read the signs?” Although I consider him a joker, if this really happened it would make sense of the sign. The sign could also be there as a sort of implication that, having made it this far, Mario has gotten all the gaming directions he is going to get. The best explanation I’ve gotten so far is that if you stand in the right place and listen attentively you can hear the clock, even before the 50-star door is unlocked.


When Big Boo appears in the tunnel leading to the back yard, are we supposed to try to catch him before he disappears and make something special happen? I got one report of someone catching him, but nothing about whether the ghost reacted.

Fake Spiral Stairs.

It is known that the the door to the spiral stairs is a warp, and as such has a “black room of death”. If you could get behind the door without opening it, you would be in a room with fake spiral stairs that circle up part way and end in darkness. And if you went out the door from there you'd be in a dark area with a small tile-floor. I am looking for tricks to get there. Among the ideas I have thought of is 1) Find a way to fall through the sloped ceiling above the door and fall to the room, 2) speed jump up the stairs, although they may be too steep for this, and 3) find an object you can place by the door so you can jump and nudge yourself through - a method used to go through other walls in the game (MIPS, cork box, mother penguin, etc). Maybe there's a glitch that can be used to move Toad by the door.3

Looking for fun.

Someone in a discussion of the red F at Gamefaqs said that there is also a hidden U and N in the game, but doesn't remember where. Can anyone find them?

Jimmy the Lock.

Rumor has it that a book of cheats exists showing you how to gain stars from an upstairs course before getting the 2nd key. This has led to question of whether there is a way to break into either the upstairs or the basement without a key.

My Phantom Triangle trick indicates that the graphics of the foyer overlap slightly with the hallway to the courtyard, unobvious only because the rooms aren't usually loaded at the same time. Now, suppose it be the case that the vaulted ceiling in the foyer extends above the floor upstairs. If that is the case, then perhaps some of the upstairs course entrances may be located within the space inside the foyer, invisible only because the upstairs graphics are not loaded yet. Maybe if you can jump up to the ceiling in just the right place, you can tag one of those paintings and enter one of the upstairs courses. Just a thought.

The only case against this idea is that the locked door to the upstairs is a warp (like the castle front entrance), which suggests that the two floors aren't spacially related.

Beyond the Trapdoor.

I'm looking to get into the hallway that is beyond the trapdoor leading to Bowser in the Darkworld. Right now I am working on speed jumping on top of the trapdoor against the invisible barrier. Somebody at Gamefaqs has discovered this. I'm trying to learn how to do that. Anyone who has been messing with the speed jump there for a while without success and then finally found the technique that works would be able to help me best.

Merging Bunny.

Currently the "new improved" rabbit glitch lets you merge Mario with the door by using Z to put MIPS down next to the right edge of the door. But someone else has been able to merge MIPS with another door. This makes him "flash" because he oscillates back and forth through the door really fast. Is there a way to merge him with this door? If so, it would be just a matter of going through the door and picking him up on the other side.

Bob-Omb Battlefield

Pacifist Star Hunting.

Has anyone used the cork box to get inside the gate behind the Chain Chomp without opening it? I know it has been done with a bob-omb.

Whomp's Fortress

Stone Sharpens Metal.

Can you get the metal cap and make the music last until you begin the battle with the Whomp, and then keep the battle music playing until you go through the nearest teleport? This could allow a perpetual metal music glitch similar to the one in Bob-Omb Battlefield.

Jolly Roger Bay

Can Mario Come In to Play?

Is there a way to get inside Unagi's cave? 1

What’s Roger Jolly About?

Has anyone found a real purpose for the toxic treasure chest on the ship? 2

Trick jump to Ledge.

I am looking for exactly how to do a jump that would get from the ship deck onto the cliff ledge where the star is.

Inside the pole.

I heard of a glitch for getting inside the pole next to the platform with the Bob-Omb Buddy. Does anyone how to do it?

Man Overboard.

Has anyone found a way to swim around in the dark area outside of the sunken ship after it has been drained? 1

Cool, Cool Mountain

Back Stage.

Can anyone get through the door at the bottom of the Snow Slide and into the area where the fake mural of the outside is located? Maybe it involves doing a speed jump on the narrow ledge over the door that comes off the slide, where there is a low slanted ceiling overhead. When I attempted the long jumps, Mario wouldn't move under the slanted ceiling. Mario also doesn't hoist himself up onto the edge directly under the slanted ceiling. Another possible method is one that was successful on the other side of the door, and that is to use the big penguin to wedge yourself through. It would require getting her close enough to the door to create a small gap. Has anyone done that? Or maybe there's a glitch that can be exploited by jumping against a slanted ceiling. 3

Big Boo’s Haunt

Unobvious Boo.

Is there a secret associated with the picture of Big Boo above the inside of the front door? 2

1-Up And Away...

Has anyone tried to do a triple jump on top of the shed outside the haunted house to see if you can get over the cage? You don’t suppose there’s a mysterious reason for the crazy box nearby, do you? 1

Shoot the Pianist.

Someone claims they once had their hands on a strategy guide that says it is possible, with great effort, to kill the piano. Does anyone have more specific instructions on doing this?

Pool Party.

Are there any secrets in the underground swimming pool?

Boo's Private Lake.

Can anyone get through the wall and into the large lake outside the underground tunnels? 1


Someone has said he saw the top of the merrygoround as Mario was falling to the pool. He said he spotted Luigi there. Some video sampling of this fall reveals that you can see down into the merrygoround from above. I am guessing that the person may have been seeing the big boo paintings inside.

Hidden Floor.

There is a hidden steel floor under the merry-go-round. It is not attached to any exposed floors, and it is out of reach to the normal gaming area. Does anyone know why it is there and if there is a way to go through the merry-go-round to reach it? 3

Hazy Maze Cave

Aren’t You Hungry.

A sign in the underground lake warns you not to become the sea dragon’s lunch. The implication is that there is a way to get him to eat you. Does anyone know how? He doesn't seem to be hungry. Maybe he ate Luigi.

Lagoon Annex.

If you jump down at the right angle to the lagoon from above, you can see that the water extends beyond the walls. Has anyone figured out how to drop to this spot? When I do it, I either hit an invisible barrier or die. 1

Star Struck.

If you get the 100th coin by hanging from the A-maze-ing Emergency Exit scaffold, the star will appear above it. As far as I know, there is no way to get above the scaffold. Has anyone done it?

Dancing in the Dark.

While in the starting area, try to kill one of the spiders next to a black pit so that you can pick up a coin while it is directly over the pit. When you can do that, pick this up as your 100'th coin so that a star appears directly over the pit. Grab the star and see where Mario falls before doing his Here ya go animation.

The Black Bowl Room.

A report says that the black hole has a floor. Maybe if the "dying event" box is above it, you can walk around on this floor without dying. Also someone else, while speed jumping against the wall on the lagoon elevator, reported going through the wall and ended up in a black room shaped like a big bowl. Has anyone found out how to do this consistantly? I'm guessing it has to do with going through the wall at the right place. Could this be the black hole bottom?

Outside the wall.

Someone, while speed jumping against the back wall on the elevator leading down to the red coin level, found himself swimming outside the lagoon walls. Does anyone know how to make it work consistantly? I'm guessing it has to do with going through the wall at the right place.

Lethal Lava Land

Volcano Nursery.

What is the point behind the stacks of blocks near the Hotfoot It Into the Volcano star? 2

Shell vs the Volcano.

Can you bring the shell into the volcano?

Shifting Sand Land

No Comprendo.

Can anyone decipher the hieroglyph in the pyramid?

Pyramid Nursery.

What is the point behind the stacks of blocks in Eyerok’s tomb? 2

Up From the Grave He Arose.

Has anyone been able to return from Eyerok’s tomb to the tunnel above?

Flashing Green.

Someone at a cheat site said that upon entering the pyramid you can see a green flashing light, by which you can get a 1-up. Does anyone know what he is referring to? 4

Metal Secret.

Someone says they saw a picture somewhere of a metal cap block inside the pyramid. 4

Dire, Dire Docks

Through the Mesh.

Has anyone got on top of the mesh above Bowser's sub? Maybe the vanish cap can be used, plus the ability to move fast.


The stony wall surrounding the first area is one of the few walls that is rendered on both sides. This makes me wonder if there is a secret way to get outside the wall. Maybe the row of coins near the surface are a pointer to some secret spot on the wall. Maybe they made a double-sided texture so it can be re-used in alternating directions around the perimeter.1

Snowman's Land

Making your Money Grow.

There is a glitch reported at Gamefaqs for cloning moneybags. Has anyone figured out a strategy for getting it to work consistantly?

Wet-Dry World

Invisible Mario.

Regarding the Invisible Mario glitch, has anyone worked out a sequence of moves that use the same positioning for Mario and Chuck-Ya every time so that the glitch can be done cleanly?

Bypass the Load Point.

See the glitch I posted which allows you to reach the end of the pipe without loading the town. I am wondering if there is a way to to it the other way around, to reach the "upper" end of the pipe while leaving the town loaded. 3

Up Among the Skimmers.

Is there a way to get mario to the water surface when it is above the downtown ceiling? This may provide a way of achieving the above Bypass the Load Point glitch. 3

Tall, Tall Mountain

Flash Flood.

I've read a couple reports that on the way down the slide Mario was suddenly swimming. Can anyone reproduce this voluntarily?

Dunk the Dope.

Can anyone pick up a Bom-Omb and bring him into the water before he explodes?

Tiny-Huge Island


Can anyone reach the buried coin next to the black ball generator on Tiny Island? Maybe someone has done the Vanish in the Crawlspace trick and bumped into the coin.

Under Start.

After getting under Dizzy Lake using Chuck-Ya's Underground Tour glitch, can has anyone managed to get under the lake in the start area? The surfacing caused by the spash effect seems to prevent access to this place. To get there would require finding part of the floor you can go through, a connection with other water to avoid the splash effect, or a location where the water extends past the floor.

Rainbow Ride

Invisible Carpet.

In Hazy Maze Cave there is a glitch for getting on the work elevator in the cave course when it's flashing, and ending up on an invisible elevator. Do you suppose that you can get on a magic carpet while it is flashing and end up riding an invisible carpet?

Bowser In the Fire Sea

Invisible Bowser.

There is a glitch for picking up Bowser while he is disappearing, so that he stays invisible. So far nobody has successfully described exactly how to pick him up and at what angle. I know he disappears while he is facing you and appears on the other side, still facing you.

Bowser In the Sky

Pillars in the Community.

Is there a secret to the 4 stacks in front of the final battle entrance pipe? 2

Door Slam of Death.

There are some rumors that someone stood or hung on the edge of the platform after they defeated Bowser and they heard a door slam and the game froze. What's this all about?

Princess’s Secret Slide

I’m Counting On You.

The Princess’s Secret Slide is the only course that has a timer. Does anyone know if the timer has a maximum, and what happens if you reach it?

Tower of the Wing Cap

Miscellaneous inquiries


Is there any way to get an underwater turtle shell out of the water?

Shout For Joy.

When Mario flies or triple-jumps, sometimes he says Yahew, sometimes Wahaa, and sometimes Yippee. Has anyone figured out how to control which one he says?

Handicapped Access.

Does anyone know of any barriers Mario can only go through while he is flashing after taking damage?


Someone has said that you can get underneath a cannon by standing on the edge of the hole and “punching”. While it is true that hitting B does nudge you forward a bit, I always activate the cannon if I fall in at all. Does anyone have more specific directions for this trick? One reason I doubt that is is possible is that there is a way to get under the cannon hill in Tiny-Huge Island, and if you touch the cannon well at any point, or even get close to it, you will activate the cannon.

Polygon Glitches.

People by and large know about the “black room”, the jump stairway shortcut, and the jump through the bridge. I am interested in any walls that people have found which you can go through which are not listed here. Has anyone found any visible characteristics particular to walls which you can go through?

Version Question.

While beta versions of the game are known, rumor has it that there are different release versions of SM64. What are the versions and how are they different?

Mario LLD.

Someone messing with a Gameshark once found Mario looking different. His moustache was big and wooly, his eyes were weird, and he looked more blocky. It was concluded that this is the "low-polygon" Mario that is displayed when he is far away. I am interested in any method of tricking the game into giving you a close-up view of this "low level of detail" Mario without a Gameshark.

New and Improved.

Does anyone have easier ways of doing the glitches I listed?

Invisible Box.

In Hazy Maze Cave there is a glitch for getting on the work elevator in the cave course when it's flashing, and ending up on an invisible elevator. Do you suppose that you can pick up a cork box after it has begun to flash, and end up holding an invisible box?

Second Controller.

Most people have heard that you can use a second controller to move the ending cam. Are there other places in the game where this can be done, such as during pause, Mario's exit from a course, or the "V sign" cinema? Maybe you can pause Mario when he is far away then sneak up on him with the second controller to get a closeup low-polygon Mario.

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1 I am supposing this to be impossible due to the generation of an "out of bounds" condition. For more on this, read my discussion on boundaries.
2 This does not include supposed methods for unlocking Luigi.
3 This might be possible by finding some trick jump or dive that allows you to force your way through a wall.
4 Maybe this feature is from a beta version of the game.