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Uncharted Galaxies. Get on the platform next to Rainbow Ride, then zoom up and look through the wall. You will see a galaxy painting laid out directly under the entrance hole. This is the painting you land on to warp to the course. Likewise for Wing Mario Over the Rainbow.

Top of the World. To make it to the castle's pinnacle without a wing cap, go to the highest part part of the main roof in front of the main tower. Starting from one end, do a triple jump along the high part of the roof. If you get enough height, you can grab onto the ledge above. I find this quite difficult and have in fact only managed to do it a couple or so times.

Black Room of Death. You can get out of this glitch by merely going on the side of the door where you can see into the castle foyer and then walking through the wall next to the door.

Bowser Secret. To create an impasse in the Bowser battle, jump into all four bombs. You will get thrown back and take damage. Pick up coins to restore health. But now there is nothing left to throw Bowser at.

Foyer and Big Boo's Camera Trick. To zoom out the camera in the foyer, go into the hallway leading to Bowser in the Darkworld, switch to Mario cam and zoom out. Then return to the foyer. In the haunted house, go outside or in the library and set distant Mario cam view. Then go inside. It will also stay this way when you go out on the balcony.

A Light in the Night. If you go stand in the right corner of the alcove where the entrance to the mirror room is, and look behind the wall in the direction of the mirror, you will see the light even closer. If you go through the door, but stay in the stairwell and look behind the wall on the right, you might figure out by now that the light is Lakitu's cloud.

The F Files. You didn't even fight with the Bowser once, so you get a big red F. The edges of the double trapdoor leading to Bowser In the Dark World are visible from a distance. The particular way they are laid out makes it look like an F when viewed from the Cool, Cool Mountain entrance.

Cool, Cool Water. Do you want to swim in Cool, Cool Mountain? Then listen up. Jump on a spindrift. If you are starting the course the one behind the cottage will do. Drift down to the penguin's pond. Go out past the cliff and look back at the penguin. As you begin to drop below ground level, switch to Mario Cam and zoom out. This will make you look up as you drift under the ledge. Get as close to the edge as you can without bumping it. Look for the pond and try to drift directly under it. You will hear a splash as the water "catches" you. You will now be swimming in mid air. The game thinks you are underwater in the pond. You cannot swim back up through the ground. You will either swim too deep, fall out of the course, or stay where you are and drown. Of course you can exit as well.

Air Walker. If you got the Cool, Cool Water secret, you are ready for this. Drift under the pond as described above. But this time go along the left edge of the pond, and keep pushing the control stick when you splash. You will begin walking on air and pushing against an invisible wall. Switch to Lakitu Cam and zoom close to see Mario better. You can turn him around a ways. Turn and face away from the mountain and Mario is walking on air against an empty sky. If you jump or let go of the stick he falls. If you hit Z, he dies in a strange way.

Double Shiner. In Hazy Maze Cave, to get the second eyeball back in the corner of the red coin room in Hazy Maze Cave, park the moving platform so the left half of it is against the ledge. This allows you to go all the way around him. You still have to make a little jump on the right side, but you can still go around the eyeball fast enough to turn him into a coin.

One Way in the Cave. As an alternative to the precisely timed long jump for getting up the exit ramp to the cloudy maze, jump up to the nearby fire lamp on your right and get burned. While Mario is running around in pain, run up the ramp.

Stars In Your Eyes. In Hazy Maze Cave, the star marker on the floor of the red-coin room can be seen through the floor from below. Now try this: Pick up the red coins so the star appears. But don't pick it up right away, but go down to the lower level and look up.

Buried Treasure I. In Snowman's Land, after you have spotted the buried coin inside the big snowman, go back down to the ground, and look up at the overhang just under the wooden walkway. If you really screw up your eyes, you should see a glitched spot in the snow that seems to pulsate. This is because the coin actually sticks out slightly through the snow. You can pick it up with a careful aim of the cannon.

Red Coin Secret. Enter the water through the wall as described in Dry-Clean Wiggler. Try to spot the wooden plank from the water, then jump out of the water toward it. If you aim right, you should go straight into the red coin cave.

Running for Dollars. On Huge Island you will find the only stump that doesn't give you coins when you run around it.

A Hike to the Big House. Jump directly from the Rainbow Ride starting point to the pole behind you and climb it to the spinning platforms. Go up to the Bob-Omb Buddy and at the end with the elevator, do a wall kick as close to the edge as you can so you can hook around the ledge above. This is tricky but if you aim just right this can get up on the roof above. When you get there, the warp is halfway between the yellow block and the nearest end.

Top Secret Area. It is a place clearly visible from Princess's Secret Slide for a brief time during a normal ride down, yet you probably have never been to it. Let's get you into the one-tenth percentile of Mario players. As you are approaching the tunnel exit, begin to slow down. As you are coming out, jump onto the right parapet close to the wall. Then do another jump off the side with a good backward hook toward the building. On your way down, hit B to enhance backward gain. If done right, you can land on the roof of the gray building at the end of the slide. You won't find anything here, but it's a pretty interesting to make it to this spot. Hit B later in the fall to avoid taking any damage. Once you're here, stand near the edge above the entrance and look back at the three arches. It's kind of nice looking across this expanse from the roof rather than at it, now isn't it?

Text Secret. Why, E.T. of course.

Taking a Bath. Raise the water in Wet-Dry World above the lowest level. Then teleport from the top of the cannon.

Secret Lagoon. (Discovered by Neo Ninja from Gamefaqs) In the water-filled sunken ship, note the narrow shelf overhead. Go to the lower end of the shelf, which is under the entrance window. Swim against the lower edge under the shelf where it meets the wall. If you get it at the right angle, you will pop inside the shelf. Once you do this, hold the joystick down and left, and swim really fast, as if to swim upward while rotating left. If you do this right, you will begin to swim upward, as if you were squeezing up through an invisible chimney. Keep swimming until you pop up to the water surface at the top. Chances are you will get air just in the nick of time. Up here you will be floating in water in the darkness. But you can see the interior of the ship underwater, and in the distance the hull of the ship sticking out of the water. Your movement will still be constrained by invisible barriers, but sometimes you can jump out of the water. You can also, with persistance, swim horizontally to certain places. But it will be a labored motion, as if you were moving through an invisible mesh. To reenter the ship from the point where you surfaced, point down and swim hard. This trick takes a lot of care and you will often have to go up to the top of the hull for air while trying to enter the wall.

The secret lagoon can also be entered from another, although less spectacular, part of the hull. Switch to Mario Cam. Swim up to the top where you go for air. Look at the wall to the left of the star block. Go up to the 4th crack from the bottom. Somewhere there you will find a vertex in the wall where Mario moves towards when you swim into the wall. You will poke about three quarters of the way through the wall. Hit C-left so Mario is facing toward the right. Begin to swim up vigorously. If you do it right, you will begin to swim up in short labored increments. Eventually you will reach the surface just outside the wall. When you reach the top, turn back around and face left for an impressive shot of Mario outside the ship. Here it is easier to jump out of the water than in the above trick.

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