Your Mouse Can Smell Rats

Your mouse has just been turned into a disgronificator. This is a device that totally de-codes encrypted messages. To observe this feature, just point the mouse to any of the following statements and drag down to the next statement. The translation should appear.
Error: This is a true statement.

You have been pre-approved.
You have been selected for our mailing list.

Free when you buy.
It is so expensive because you are buying this too.

More musical variety.
Grunge rock, as well as punk rock, heavy metal rock, and acid rock.

This is a totally legal business.
This is a totally illegal business.

Limitations apply.
Forget everything you’ve read up to this point.

One moment please.
Be seein’ ya.

Fun for everyone.
Playhouse for kids 12 and under.

I only read it for the articles.
I can’t read.

There are no stupid questions.
Only stupid people.

Everything in this product can be found on the periodic chart of the elements.

All reasonable offers considered.
If you blow our minds, we will get hold of you.

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